Date Night and Weekly Meal Plan


When Dave came home from deployment in December we swore we would finally find a babysitter and start date nights once a month. When Dave left, Cassidy was only 7 months, and wouldn’t take a bottle, so leaving her wasn’t really an option. Unless I wanted to be stressed out about her not eating, which just wasn’t worth it. When he got home, she was 16 months, and although still nursing, was fine if she skipped a feeding since she ate mostly solid foods. So we were in the perfect place to take advantage of date night.

Well, that didn’t happen. We haven’t gotten a babysitter once in the almost 3 months he’s been home. Not really sure why. The kids go to bed at 8 every night, and we spend from 8-11 hanging out so I guess we don’t feel the need to really get out of the house to spend time together. Plus the only thing in this small military town to do is to go out to eat at a chain restaurant so its nothing either of us are dying to do on a regular basis. However, it is nice once in a while to be able to do just that, and go out to dinner, not worrying about half my meal getting stolen off my plate or taking Cassidy to the bathroom every 15 minutes. My mom is visiting this weekend so we will be able to go out to dinner, just us. Sushi, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and a couple others are our options. I’m thinking Sushi or Steak….And dessert afterwards is a guarantee. Although we always go somewhere else for dessert and get a milkshake, froyo, etc. Restaurant desserts don’t do anything for me.

The rest of our meals this week will look like this…


Stuffed Cabbage casserole

Salmon, wild rice pilaf, salad

Corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, and Irish Soda Bread

Chicken parmesan calzones, broccoli

Homemade chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, green bean

Blue cheese turkey burgers on homemade buns, salad

Date night!! (I will make ahead some meatballs and spaghetti with veggies for my mom and the girls)


3 mornings of Steel cut oats (already made and in the fridge, they heat up very well)

Greek yogurt pancakes (double batch made on Saturday and froze half)

Homemade waffles and eggs

apple omelets

omelets, toast, fruit salad


I rarely plan lunches since they depend on what leftovers we have. I’ll supplement with salads, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit, etc.

I can not wait for the corned beef, cabbage, and soda bread. It is without a doubt my favorite meal of the entire year!

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  1. Pick 3 of your four spots to go as I will be there for 3 nights (Sushi, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Olive Garden)…make up for some of that 3 month loss…:)…SO happy to do it for you…AND as an added bonus, I can have the girls hugs and kisses all to myself for a few hours!!!…you could always go dancing afterwards…I have several smocking projects going so I am good to go once they are in bed…just go and enjoy yourselves….

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever had corned beef, can you believe it?! It’s not something I grew up with at all, so I never really started the St Patty’s tradition. I’m so glad you’ll get the chance to get out- enjoy it!

  3. A date night sounds wonderful. My husband and I don’t go out nearly as often as we should but we have 2-3 run dates every week. That counts right? I’ve never had corned beef or soda bread.

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