Little Family Vacation


We had a great 2 days in Myrtle Beach! I have little fish for children so they had a blast at the waterpark. Neither of them have ANY fear of the water what so ever. I love their fearlessness because it allows them to enjoy themselves and learn to swim really early. But we just have to be very careful because even Cassidy jumps right off the edge and doesn’t want us catching her. She wants to jump in without us helping, go under water, have us retrieve her, try to swim to the edge, and repeat. If we stood in front of her to catch her, she’d walk to another location to make sure no one could catch her and prevent her from going all the way under the water.


The hotel had activites for the kids including hair braiding/beading and scavenger hunts.


While we did hair braiding, Dave and Cassidy floated the lazy river.


Baby girl was great considering she didn’t nap either day. Since we only went for 2 days/1 night we just spent all of our time at the waterpark instead of going back to the room for 3 hours for her to nap. Luckily she is such an adaptable kid and really doesn’t get fussy. Although she was thrilled to hop in bed for a nap this weekend!


It was a great little family vacation!


I did not cook a single meal. We went out to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner, hotel breakfast buffet, and then an authentic greek restaurant for lunch. Every meal was really good but we were all happy to get back to meals based more around vegetables.

This week we will be having, for dinners:

Easter dinner (Ham, mayo-free potato salad, deviled eggs, buttermilk rolls, roasted asparagus)

Grilled steak salads with romaine, feta, green peppers, mushrooms, homemade dressing

chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust

Seasoned Ahi tuna steaks, collard greens, roasted sweet potatoes

Ginger Chicken

Zucchini boats stuffed with ground turkey and quinoa

Breakfasts will be the normal pancakes, oats, apple omelets, and I am also going to try a breakfast rice bowl with brown rice, eggs, and peppers. I need some more breakfast variety and I want more make ahead and freeze options.



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  1. That sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a little getaway. My daughter loves the water, but is not brave enough to jump in like that!

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