My Munchkin’s Meals


Both of my girls, who are almost 20 months and 4.5, eat the same exact things I eat every day. Some people ask me “how do you get your kids to eat collard greens…lentil chili…or cabbage casserole?”. Its easy, they don’t have a choice. If I make it, that’s what’s for dinner. It doesn’t have to be their favorite meal and they don’t have to sing its praises, but they will eat it. Everyone always says to pick your battles with kids, and although I rarely have to battle them in the eating department, it’s a battle I choose to fight, and win.


I rarely have to battle them though because healthy food is good, especially when that’s all they know. I guess maybe if they ate french fries all the time, they would be upset about cabbage as a side. We were at my inlaws house last month and they had a fish fry, Cassidy snagged a french fry off the table. She had a surprised look on her face when she took a bite. One of Dave’s aunts said “you’d think she’s never had a french fry before”. I was like nope she hasn’t! She ate a couple, it won’t hurt her occasionally, but she hasn’t had one since either.


As the parent, I make all of my kids important decisions for them. And what goes into their growing bodies is an important decision in my book!


Yesterday, the girls ate…

Breakfast: steel cut oats with mashed banana, peanut butter, chia seed, cinnamon, and peanut butter

Lunch: roasted carrots, hemp seed, chicken, and quinoa bowl with shredded cheese.

Snack: roasted pumpkin seeds

Dinner: ground turkey, mushroom, and brown rice italian stuffed zucchini.

They also each have whole milk with breakfast (Cassidy doesn’t drink much of hers but Alyssa drinks all of hers).

Cassidy still nurses before bed but we are in the process of weaning and will probably be finished by next week. Makes me sad, my baby is officially not a baby anymore. I’ll miss that uninterrupted snuggle time and I have a feeling she will miss it quite a bit too, which makes it even harder. She may go from a little Mommy’s baby to Daddy’s girl, she’s already on her way…



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  1. oh my goodness….what sweet pictures…I can tell Cassidy is turing into more of a daddy’s girl last nite…..when she was hugging Dave I told him I miss those hugs…Cassidy is such a snuggler!!…Now I remember the dress you were talking about for Cassidy…it fit her so well!!!…the girls looked gorgeous on Easter….

    You are doing an amazing job Linds…It is not easy to go against what so many others do coz it is the easy route…you fight to do what you know is right and the girls will benefit in a big way down the road with their health…and what better gift can you give your beautiful family…I admire you!!!

    I am looking forward to the zuchini boat post…before long i will be swimming in zuchini!!!…the Ginger Chicken is one of my personal favorites…easy, tasty and healthy…doesnt get much better…


  2. I love your food philosophy. We share the same thoughts 🙂 Growing up I ate what mom made for dinner and I plan to have it be the same way in my house. I think starting early and staying consistent is key. You have such beautiful, healthy little eaters!! Thanks for linking up 🙂

    • Yes, i agree. Mine don’t know the difference. My step mom was shocked when she plated my 4 year old’s food and her response was “Nini, why did you get more green beans than me? Can I have some more please?”. She tells that story all the time because she said she’d never heard a 4 year old beg for more vegetables! Cassidy grunts and starts to throw a mini fit when we pass by the raw green beans in the grocery store. I have to buy some for her on the spot and she snacks on them through the store (after doing the rub off on my shirt/jeans…oh well!)

  3. I love seeing what the girls eat! I know you don’t have your family here and I hate to even say this but sometimes it can be VERY frustrating trying to feed your kids healthy with them around. My mom thinks that because she’s the nana they get whatever they want. At her house my kids get fruit snacks, junk granola bars, oreos, chocolate milk… I can’t even begin to regulate it because my mom and dad do not eat healthy at all. Like not even remotely healthy. They wouldn’t even know what to feed them if I asked them to please offer a healthy snack. I could send food with them but I’m not sure it would get eaten. Such a tough situation!

    • I can relate for sure with my in laws but my kids are never alone with them. But they did want to feed the babies dr pepper at 6 months and I just had to put my foot down. I told them if they wanted to buy them a treat, they could buy them a big juicy watermelon, which my kids loved. They will stay with my mom, who eats relatively healthy but not like us, she is a big snacker with crackers, teddy grahams, etc. But I don’t have a problem being blunt and direct and letting her know how i want them fed and she complies without question, so thats nice. I’d just tell your parents to let them snack on fruits or veggies, thats easy enough to prepare too.

  4. I completely agree with your food philosophy! I encounter a good amount of resistance from extended family and friends for not giving my son a bunch of junk and I don’t understand it! They also haven’t been big supporters of breastfeeding or cloth diapers. They are really good about not giving him things that I don’t approve of, but I do get lots of sideways looks and remarks so I’m not sure how long it will last!

    • Oh yes I have gotten quite a few stares about (discretely) breastfeeding my 19 month old from extended family. I decided I just don’t care and I’m proud to be making the best decisions for my kids health! People are usually more supportive of te cloth diapering but I do get comments like eww why would you do that? And I bluntly respond as to how I don’t want my children sitting in chemicals 24/7! 🙂

  5. I totally agree! We’re trying to introduce mostly only healthy options from the start and he doesn’t really get a choice in the matter. When he’s older he’ll help me cook and have some say in what we make, but if he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like it and we wait until the next meal. I love finding other moms with the same philosophy!

    • occasionally I will give my 4 year old options so she feels like she has some say and can make some of her own choices. But her options are always like “do you want roasted green beans or kale chips?”. She does like having a little say though and she does help me cook a lot! I hope us setting a good foundation makes it easy for them to continue eating healthy even when they make all their own choices!

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