Make Do Meal Plan


In our small military town, there isnt really much of an organic/local selection. My CSA starts in a couple weeks so I am totally excited! I also can’t wait until our chickens to start laying eggs, although that probably won’t be until the end of summer. They are getting pretty big though, we have been shocked at their growth rate. So for now we travel an hour away to whole foods every 3 weeks and stock up our freezer with meats, cheeses, and vegetables. We also buy about 7 dozen eggs. This week was our weekend to go but we had other plans for the weekend so it will have to wait a week. When this happens we have to make do with the organic selection at the commissary (although its not local) and our small organic market, which has small selection of organic and local produce and meats. So this weeks meal plan is with a lot of help from our organic freezer veggies…


Chicken and homemade whole wheat dumplings with a side of sauteed cabbage

Grilled Bone in Chicken, salad, roasted sweet potatoes

homemade pizzas, salad

Burgers on fresh buns, roasted broccoli

Shepards pie

tilapia, parmesan quinoa, peas


Lunches: Our lunches are always a mish mosh of things. It will be combinations of leftovers, salads, grown up grilled cheese (homemade bread with melted sharp cheddar slices, avocado, tomato, and lettuce), bean and cheese quesadillas on homemade tortillas, frozen vegetables, carrots and black bean hummus, nuts/raisins, apples and peanut butter, cottage cheese and pears/pineapple.


Yogurt, barley, banana bowl x 2 (my new warm weather breakfast obsession!)

smoothies and oatmeal banana muffins x 2

steel cut oats x 2


I am seriously excited for all the summer produce to start coming in. Strawberry picking starts soon and I can’t wait for more fresh kale smoothies! Since we have been focusing on local versus just organic lately, we have been eating lots of the same produce (greens, broccoli, winter squash, etc). So I am looking forward to the season change and with it a produce switch up!


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  1. My CSA starts May 8th…this coming weekend the CSA folks are getting together for a potluck so we can all meet each other and take a tour of the farm…MM is looking forward to meeting other farmers in the area and seeing what it takes to be certified organic here…even tho he grows much of what they are offering, this is a way to help other local farmers and for him to meet with them…he is looking forward to it….I got Bill at my office to join as well…he is a vegetarian and shops at Davids Natural market and the farm is right near there…he is excited too…do you have any suggestions on a good dish to take to the potluck??

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