Meal Plan 4/28


This is the last week I will be able to make a full out plan. But that’s a good thing because that means my CSA box starts in a little over a week! I LOVE my CSA box. I get so excited driving to pick it up wondering whats going to be in it. I am a nerd, I’m aware. Alyssa shares the same excitement though so it makes me feel better. Shes hoping for okra. With the CSA, I don’t get to choose whats in the box, they just fill it with whatever is growing well that week. So I will be making a rough meal plan but I’m sure there will be lots of vegetables swaps depending on what I get.

Tonight we will be doing a charity biking event with our church that will include a BBQ afterwards. Its a 6 mile bike ride and Alyssa is going to ride it alongside us, no training wheels! We weren’t sure at first she could make it the whole way so we did a test run last week. One day she rode 4.2 before we made her stop. And the second time we rode 5.25 before calling it a day. And the reason I say “made” her stop is because it was time to come inside and get ready for bed. After riding over 5 miles, she said she still wanted to ride more, and our neighborhood is crazy hilly! I assume it will take us about an hour to ride the 6 miles. Luckily Cassidy loves riding in her little bike seat attached to the front of my bike.


Homemade pizzas, side salad

Italian Polenta Bake

Taco rice bowls (ground beef, homemade seasoning, soaked brown rice, avocado, corn, lettuce, greek yogurt, cheese)

Baked Ziti with ground turkey, homemade spinach noodles, and spinach

Baked chicken fingers, baked sweet potato fries, mixed vegetables

Chicken and vegetable fried rice

BBQ after a charity biking event

Lunches: combo of…

Big batch of split pea soup

homemade cole slaw (mayo free)

loaded sweet potatoes


rice bowls (rice, vegetable, bean or leftover meat)

yogurt, barley, banana bowls


Crockpot steel cut oats (x3)

scrambled eggs with homemade raisin bran muffins (x2)

Greek yogurt pancakes and eggs

Waffle, egg, turkey sausage, and cheese sandwiches (homemade waffles as the bread)


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  1. Yay! We’re huge fans of CSA produce, too. I’ve already found some in our new town, now I just have to narrow it down and pick one! But I don’t know if we’ll be able to jump in right in the middle of the summer. Enjoy yours!

    • mine is out of Kinston I think, they travel down here once a week to drop off at jville. They do mostly new bern. But with all the farms around here im sure hampstead/Wilmington has one! They all start in about a week or so and then there is usually another late summer round of them.

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