Laundry Detergent “Recipe”


Here is another green cleaning product I’ve started making. Its also way cheaper than traditional laundry detergent. It leaves your clothes smelling fresh and clean but not overly flowery smelling, which is better for sensitive skin.

It even makes my husband’s nasty smelling flight suits smell clean, and very little can take that flight suit smell away. Its been working really well on cleaning the kids clothes as well. Although the flight suits are the real test, those things smell like fuel mixed with old sweat! Lovely, right?

Laundry Detergent:

2/3 bar soap (I use dr bronners bar soap)

1 cup borax

1 cup washing soda

essential oil, like tea tree (optional)

Shave bar of soap with a cheese grater. Mix in washing soda and borax. Add essential oil if you want a nice smell to it.

use 1-2 Tbs per load depending on size and how soiled it is.


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  1. It works! Made a batch of this earlier this week. Our clothes came out clean! Haven’t put any essential oils, will try later on. This is a keeper ! So affordable. So glad I don’t have to boil anything. We add vinegar to the rinse cycle for extra softness. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I am sold on this detergent for sure..kept thinking I would add the essential oils as the smell of Tide and snuggle are ones I like…but cleaning clothes with this just plain smells clean!!,,,I am on my 3rd batch and still have not gone thru a box of either the washing soda or borax…way cheaper!!!!..thanx!!

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