Meal Plan 5/12


A rare occurrence is happening over here this week, a date night out! Not just do we never go on dates but we also never go out to eat. For one, eating out is expensive and not as healthy. But also, we don’t use babysitters unless my mom is in town. This week Dave’s parents are in town. We have never left the girls with them alone, but they will be fine and spoiled I’m sure. Dave and I are going to try out a new Indian restaurant in town. Spicy Indian food isnt really kid friendly either so it will hopefully be a good date night option.

Alyssa also graduates from preschool this week (and Kindergarten in 2 weeks since I homeschooled her). She has a little ceremony Tuesday night, so we may do some celebrating of sorts!


Its nice that Alyssa can now read books to Cassidy. She loves feeling like such a big kid reading on her own.

This weeks meal plan is…


Whole wheat pizzas with chicken and mushroom, side salad.

Grilled Chicken, roasted sweet potato, corn on the cob ‘(Easy meal for Dave to make with the girls for mothers day)

Salmon, quinoa, roasted broccoli

Falafel, greek marinated chicken kabobs, okra and tomatoes (recipes to come in a week or so)

Meatloaf, roasted potatoes, roasted green beans

Out to dinner



French toast using homemade bread

homemade turkey breakfast sausage and veggie omelet with homemade toast

Greek yogurt waffles and eggs

Greek yogurt pancakes and eggs

Steel cut oats x 3


chicken and avocado sandwiches on fresh bread

salads with feta, leftover chicken, and veggies with italian dressing

Split pea soup (in the crockpot now)

Plain greek yogurt with mashed banana for sweetness and peanuts


We also eat nuts, various seeds, and raisins most days as an afternoon snack and we also snack on raw carrots and fruit a lot as well.

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  1. Mmm, your falafel and Greek kebabs sound so good- I love Greek food! Enjoy your date night- we don’t get enough of them, either!

    • Oh yes, we have gone on maybe 5 dates since I had Alyssa almost 5 years ago. Given my husband has been deployed for 3 of those years, 5 dates in 2 years is still pathetic! Haha

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