Meal Plan 6/16


Meal Plan 6/16


Ribs on the grill, roasted green beans, garlic dill roasted potatoes (Father’s Day)

Lamb Saag over brown basmati

Sweet and Sour Chicken over brown rice with steamed broccoli

Homemade Pizzas on the grill with grilled chicken and mushrooms with a salad

Chicken Nuggets, sweet potato fries, vegetable

Hamburgers on whole wheat buns with sweet potato fries and roasted kohlrabi


Lunches: leftovers, salads, cottage cheese and watermelon, peanut butter and banana on homemade bread, fruit, black bean and barley salad


Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with scrambled eggs

Yogurt, chia, banana, barley, and almond bowls (x2)

steel cut oats with banana, peanut butter, and ground flax (x3)

greek yogurt pancakes with turkey sausage and veggie omelets


The kids and I are making a homemade chocolate cake with avocado mouse filling and chocolate coconut whipped cream icing for Father’s Day

Homemade chocolate date ice cream is made weekly!

(all recipes are on my recipe link at the top)


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  1. My husband would LOVE ribs for Father’s day, great idea! And that cake sounds incredible, too. Thanks for linking up!

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