Our Chickens are Laying Eggs


I see a lot more omelets in my future. 2 of 6 of our backyard chickens are now laying eggs! That means we are getting a little over a dozen eggs a week now. Its so exciting going into the backyard every morning and getting fresh eggs. And man are they fresh. They taste so much better than the store bought eggs, even the organic ones. The yolks are so orange and creamy and just SO good!

This weeks meal plan…


Sprouted whole grain pasta, turkey meatballs, zucchini, and homemade marinara

Slow roasted pork butt, corn on the cob, roasted sweet potatoes

fish taco rice bowls

Baked chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, roasted broccoli

chicken pot pie

pizza on zucchini pizza crust

wedding one night


Crockpot steel cut oats x 3

eggs and pancakes x 2

black bean, corn, and kale omelets


leftovers, crockpot split pea and ham soup, chicken salad, marinated cucumber salad, salads, fruit and yogurt.


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