Meal Plan 7/7


And now we have 5 layers! Considering they are not quite even 20 weeks old yet, we are thrilled! We were told the chick would start laying at the earliest between 18-20 weeks old and they have been laying for a couple weeks already. They do eat like teenage boys though so its not surprising. As soon as they hear us come outside they start clucking since they know we are about to give them vegetable scraps. They get all of our veggie scraps including carrot and beet peels, ends of zucchini and cucumbers, corn cobs, ground up organic egg shells, kale and other greens stems, etc. They will eat anything. They even ate 2 banana peels I sat down for a second before I planned to add them to the compost bin. We have chicken food in their house but they don’t go through much of it. We have only gone through 2 bags over the course of over 4 months for 6 chickens. According to the bag, they should be eating over a bag a month. They are also free range so they eat a ton of worms, bugs, grass, and weeds. They live in a chicken tractor, but we move it often to fresh spots and we let them out to roam a lot when we lock the dog in the house. Our dog wants those chickens for dinner in the worst way. But he is a lab, so I guess he is a bird dog by nature. So there will be lot of eggs and probably some baking in my future this week!


Shrimp and green beans over polenta

ground turkey and spinach lasagna

meatloaf, roasted potatoes, broccoli

pot roast with potatoes, carrots, kale, and cabbage

roasted chicken, quinoa, roasted cauliflower



crockpot steel cut oats x 3

kale and cheddar omelets with fruit x 2

eggs and waffles x 2


chicken salad made with greek yogurt, split pea soup, leftovers, salads with roasted vegetables and beans dressed in italian, grilled cheese on homemade bread…the usuals…


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