Meal Plan 11/3


I am not feeling so well nausea wise this weekend so I know if I don’t meal plan today I will just end up torturing myself every afternoon when I have to think of something to make. (All recipes used are on my recipe tab)


Lentil and quinoa stir fry

Lemon herb roasted chicken pieces, baked sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli

Beef, bean, and cabbage soup (I’ll make up a recipe as I go)

Sprouted grain coated chicken fingers, roasted green beans, baked potato fries

Homemade butternut squash gnocchi with chicken sausage and collard greens (same recipe as sweet potato gnocchi)

We have the Marine Corps Birthday Ball one night, so Dave and I will eat out (I ordered Salmon, wild rice, and mixed vegetables and Dave got the Filet). I will feed the kids leftovers and spinach kefir smoothies before we go so they aren’t eating the dominos pizza and juice/soda they are serving the kids at the provided child care.

Breakfasts will include:

Soaked steel cut oat baked pumpkin oatmeal x 2

Eggs and smoothies

soaked banana, almond, chia seed oats x 2

Soaked protein pumpkin pancakes

Lunches will be leftovers, salads, smoothies, homemade pumpkin soup, plain yogurt with mashed banana for sweetness and topped with seeds/nuts.

And since my sweet tooth is back and I am needing an evening snack to make sure I gain enough weight despite the nausea I will be making desserts/evening snacks of pumpkin brownies, chocolate ricotta mousse, chocolate date ice cream (sugar free), and probably some random oat, banana, flax, raisin cookie creations.





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  1. Mmm, it all sounds good! We do the same childcare trick- feed L good stuff before we go somewhere with junk. Sometimes she’ll still eat the junk, but not as much as she would if she were starving. 🙂 Thanks for linking up, Lindsay!

    • i don’t know why people call letting their kids eat junk food letting “a kid be a kid”. Drives me nuts! I do the same thing with a healthy dinner and then i bring them their own snack of seeds/raisins usually in case there are all processed junk foods. I have stopped making many exceptions because there always seems to be an event and an exception to be had. And honestly my kids don’t like that stuff anyway so it works out well they don’t want it anyway. My 5 year old got a pack of m and ms in a goody bag and gave them away. She came up and told me “mom those have food dyes. i don’t want those near my brain. i love having a smart brain”. And boy does she ever! we never discuss calories, just health.

  2. I am still off of work so I have a day planned with a trip to the consignment shop to consign outgrown clothes, then to Target to look for a blender, a flu shot then to Whole Foods…i am gonna stock up on that bread…I just went thru your recipes and chose a few and wrote down the ingredients i need…orange chicken, Turkey Curry, choc ice cream and pumpkin roll…it is nice to have the time away from work to relax and enjoy cooking..typically I feel like I rush to get to the things I like after spending most of the day working to have the $ to do what i want…how anyone can ever claim they are bored is beyond me!!!…I would like to find a way to get all of your recipes on recipe cards…I am still old fashioned I guess!!

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