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Introducing Mallory Brynn


We recently added a new member to the family, baby girl #3, Mallory. I was recently asked by a reader to tell more about her and what mom wouldn’t love to talk about her new baby?


To sum it up, life is wonderful. Since she’s the 3rd kid, I am not new at this and the transition was seamless. Neither older sibling (Alyssa is 5 and Cassidy is 2) has shown a single hint of jealousy and both are in love with their baby sister. It helps they have each other and they are great playmates. Of course they bicker and fight some but for the most part they play very well together, for hours on end in the playroom. That gives me plenty of time to sit and breastfeed Mallory and get lots of good snuggles in. Alyssa will even sit next to me and read a book during Cassidys afternoon nap if I want to lay down and take a nap with the baby. They are both wonderful with the baby and run and grab me diapers and wipes whenever they even hear me ask the baby if she has a dirty diaper. So there was really no adjustment period there at all.


Breastfeeding also went soo much smoother this time. With the older two I bled, blistered, cracked, etc for the first 3-4 weeks. I wanted to cry (and did some) every time they latched on. This time I didn’t have any of that. Maybe its because I stopped nursing Cassidy right before I got pregnant with Mallory so there wasn’t a big gap between nursing. She also just didn’t seem to have such a strong suck like the other two. So that helped with recovery. Breastfeeding is the biggest change because there is a lot I don’t eat. Certain foods bothered Alyssa when I breastfed and others made Cassidy scream with gas. So this time I cut out all of those foods from the start. We have yet to have an upset gassy crying spell. I don’t eat tomatoes or tomato sauce, broccoli, beans, lentils, asparagus, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic, or drink caffeine. I eat lots of protein (chicken, beef, fish), whole grains, peas, zucchini, kale, spinach, greens, salads, green beans, swiss chard, yogurt, cheese, nuts, seeds, and any fruit. So its really not too restrictive. And its totally worth it for a happy gas free baby. When shes around 6 months ill start reintroducing those foods. And man, the breastfeeding hunger is starting to set it. I eat more than my 200 lb husband when I’m nursing, I become a bottomless pit.

She nurses every 3 hours during the day, only takes about 15 minutes, and we do the eat wake sleep cycle. For some naps she eats sleeps then eats again since the 3 hours has passed. Then at night she goes to bed around 915 (I lay her down awake but tired and she falls asleep within 5 minutes) swaddled. I dreamfeed her as much as she will eat in her sleepy state when I go to bed around 1045. She will then sleep between 6-8 hours, eat once, then go back to sleep until 8 or 830 am. So we are doing well for a 7 week old.

The birth story is unreal. My nurse told me I better not tell people Mallory’s birth story because all women would hate me and they probably wouldn’t believe it anyway. But here it is…

I had an appointment the morning I was 39 weeks 5 days. She checked me, I was 4-5 cm. They don’t admit until 6 cm unless you are in active labor. I wasn’t having contractions. Based on the fact I have a history of fast labors (2.5 hours and 1.5 hours from start to finish with the older two), she wanted me to go get hooked up on the contraction monitor to make sure I wasn’t in early labor and didn’t know it. She also stripped my membranes at that time.

Around 12 I got monitored, no contractions, but the doctor wanted to check me again after lunch before sending me home. We got lunch and came back around 1. She said I was now a full 5 cm. So really no change. I wanted to stay and have them break my water though since I knew once labor started, it would happen fast. My doctor was just a resident so she didn’t have the authority to break my water so the attending came in to check me. She said I was at 6 cm, no going home now. She gave me the option to walk the halls or break my water to get contractions going because at this point I still wasn’t having any. I decided on breaking my water because I wasn’t even in labor so I knew walking wouldn’t do anything. I went to my room and was messing around doing lunges and grapevines to see if it would make labor start. No luck. I had been doing stuff like that for a week to try and get labor started and nothing.

At 3:45 they broke my water. So at this point I am still not in labor, still not having any contractions, but somehow I am dilated to 6-7 cm now. After about 5 minutes I started having contractions that were registering on the monitor but I couldn’t feel them. A few felt like braxton hicks I had been having for months but that’s it. I stood there talking to my doctor (a family friend) and the attending. They left the room at 3:57 hoping labor would start soon. This is me then. Still a smile and no contractions


At 4:00 I had a legit contraction and knew labor was on its way. At 4:03 I had one that hurt like hell. This was labor now. The next one, the doctors and nurses rushed in saying the baby’s heart rate was dropping. I needed to get in bed and get on oxygen. I had them wait while I breathed through contraction #2. #3 I got into bed. #4 they turned me on my side, still sitting up, and put the oxygen mask on my face. #5 I said I know its crazy but I feel like I need to push. The doctor said don’t because the baby needed oxygen before we spent a while pushing. The doctor was sitting on my bed, looked down, and said, “oh nevermind” and the baby literally came out as I tried not to push. Contraction #5, 8 minutes after my first contraction.  8 minutes. Not 8 minutes of pushing, not 8 minutes of transition or active labor. 8 total minutes. Insane.


The doctors and nurses took bets on how fast labor would be since the first two were so fast. The attending won with a time of 4:40. So still way later!


24 Weeks Pregnant


I am now arguably 6 months pregnant. That’s assuming there are only 4 weeks in 1 month when there are really more like 4.3 weeks in a month. Pregnancy actually lasts 9 months and 1 week if you count it out, not 10 like many claim. Its 10 lunar months but that would make 14 months lunar months in a year if you count it that way and no one says there’s 14 months in a year. And if you want to get really technical, its actually 1 week short of 9 months because you don’t even conceive until you are 2 weeks pregnant. So yea, I go by weeks so its less confusing!


I took this pregnancy survey offline…

How far along are you? 24 weeks 4 days

How big is Baby? 1 1/3 lbs and 12 inches according to my weekly email

Weight Gain? around 11

Gender? Girl #3!

Maternity Clothes? some. I can still wear normal shirts and regular leggings but jeans are maternity and I have a few shirts I wear as well.

Stretch Marks? Not yet. I didn’t get any with my first 2 pregnancies so I’m hoping that holds up for round 3

Sleep? not great. I get up like 5 times a night to go to the bathroom and I just have trouble sleeping in general. More insomnia related, not because I am uncomfortable…yet!.

Symptoms? Still nauseas pretty often but no longer throwing up, migraines, etc 24/7 so I’ll take it!

Movement? All the time. I started feeling her around 14 weeks and you can easily see her make my belly do the wave. She is getting up into my ribs now too. All 3 kids would get their feet up under my right rib, never my left though. Weird.

Food Cravings? not really. But I am able to eat sweets again without getting sick. Bad timing with Halloween last week! I have a lot of aversions though like fried or greasy foods, red meat, most dairy, nuts sometimes, and anything ethnic at all. Mexican, indian, thai, chinese, and japenese are all of the question. Anything acidic is off the table too.

Labor Signs? Lots of braxton hicks. More on days I take a walk or lift. I need to be careful because I get the 5 in an hour (when you are supposed to go to labor and delivery) quite often. But I know what causes them and how to make them stop so I just keep them under control and have yet to have to go to the hospital for them.

Belly Button in or out? still in but getting more shallow. It got flat with my other 2 but never popped out.

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach. Also the feeling of not being nauseas but I’m not sure I even remember what that feels like anymore. I also miss my normal energy.

What I am looking forward to? my doctors appointment this week. I am switching doctors to a family friend so I have quite a few questions I need to ask and get situated.

Best moment of the week? Halloween with my babies. I had a Doc McStuffins and a Chef I got to trick or treat with. And a special shirt for baby girl #3 too.


Coming in February


Weekly meal planning, cooking, working out….all things I havent done since the beginning of June. But for very good reason…

crossed legs

Baby #3 coming in February! (Body on right. Legs pointing left with her left ankle crossed over her right. Arrow pointing to tiny toes.)

I have rough rough first half of my pregnancies and it seems to get worse with each child. I have spent time in the ER for bleeding which put me on bed rest and no working out allowed, I have been to urgent care twice for strep throat, and I have horrible all day sickness/vomiting and frequent migraines. But given all that , I am so excited. But to say I am slightly jealous of those girls who have waves of nausea for a week or two and are able to work out, eat, get off their couch, and live normally during pregnancy would be an understatement.

I am a little over 16 weeks now and we just found out its another little girl! have been able to feel her rolling around for a couple weeks now and just last in the last week I was able to feel my first real kick. I have gained 4-5 lbs (which is 5 lbs more than I gained with either of my first 2 by this stage but oh well). I am totally looking forward to wearing stretchy maternity leggings all winter long. I had my other daughters at the end of summer in the south so I was horribly uncomfortable and hot. Here is my 16 week shot…I know my head is cut off, that’s intentional. I’m looking about like I feel right now, which is not good. My uniform of sweatpants and tshirts doesn’t help matters. No, my sickness does not go away with the first trimester. It faded at 15 weeks with Alyssa, 20 weeks with Cassidy, and to be determined with this one.


So my meal plan all summer has been eat whatever I don’t think will make me throw up. I succeed maybe half the time. Vegetable? Zero chance. Protein? Maybe. Straight carb? Most of the time. There is really just no telling. I will find a meal that sits well so ill eat it again the next day, lose it, and then I cant eat it again. Much like people who can never again drink a liquor that made them get sick. At this point I am literally out of foods to eat. I am struggling. I have even tried foods that I would never dream of putting into my body (mcdonalds, processed cereals, poptarts, mac and cheese from a box). I am now eating bagels from a bagel shop 20 minutes away, and that’s literally about it. Store bought ones don’t work. This leaves my poor husband and kids fending for themselves.

Alyssa told me she “misses seeing real life people”. We have left the house maybe 10 times all summer long. Good thing its been pouring nearly every day though so it makes me feel less guilty for not being at the park, pool, beach, or other normal summer activities. I told her to make a list of all the things she wants to do when I feel better and we will check them all off as soon as I am physically able. She said “oo, burpees”. Not so sure about doing them pregnant, but I guess we can give it a try before my belly gets too big. Its on its way, much faster with the 3rd than my first two!


Hopefully I’ll be back to cooking and working out soon. I’m starting to feel a tad better, some days. Im thinking for the next couple weeks I may be able to muster up some energy to cook some very basic meals. My plan is to try…

spaghetti with meat sauce and frozen mixed vegetables

crockpot chicken and dumplings, side of frozen vegetables

chicken pot pie

mild chili with cornbread

I really hope to start cooking healthy meals again soon. I crave salads and roasted vegetables like I never have before. I would never eat another dessert in my life if I could stomach a veggie right now. And that’s saying a lot coming from me. My head wants veggies SOO bad, but my stomach greatly disagrees. I can’t wait to start creating new recipes again soon too!