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Dishwasher Detergent “Recipe”


We have been using homemade laundry detergent for a while now and love it. I was worried my husband wouldn’t like the fact that our clothes didn’t come out smelling like flowers but they still smell good. They just smell clean, which is nice. We have also been using homemade dishwasher detergent, and again we love it. I have found that it cleans our dishes just as well as any other detergent we’ve ever used. Actually, I like it better than the store bought powdered detergent since its never clumped up on my dishes or gotten stuck in my dispenser like the store bought kind can.

However, I do, and always have, rinse my dishes off pretty well before sticking them in the dishwasher. I never put dishes in my dishwasher with food stuck on them. I hate going to unload it and have to rewash half the stuff. This goes for store bought or homemade detergent.

I read controversial things about using borax on dishes. Even though most of it gets rinsed off, I am better safe than sorry, and don’t use it like many other homemade recipes.

Dishwasher Detergent:

2 cups washing soda

1/2 cup lemi-shine (in detergent aisle)

1/2 cup kosher salt or other coarse salt for scrubbing action

use 1 tbs per load


Laundry Detergent “Recipe”


Here is another green cleaning product I’ve started making. Its also way cheaper than traditional laundry detergent. It leaves your clothes smelling fresh and clean but not overly flowery smelling, which is better for sensitive skin.

It even makes my husband’s nasty smelling flight suits smell clean, and very little can take that flight suit smell away. Its been working really well on cleaning the kids clothes as well. Although the flight suits are the real test, those things smell like fuel mixed with old sweat! Lovely, right?

Laundry Detergent:

2/3 bar soap (I use dr bronners bar soap)

1 cup borax

1 cup washing soda

essential oil, like tea tree (optional)

Shave bar of soap with a cheese grater. Mix in washing soda and borax. Add essential oil if you want a nice smell to it.

use 1-2 Tbs per load depending on size and how soiled it is.

Kitchen Spray “Recipe”


Having a kid with a food allergy makes me think what could I have possibly done to prevent this? Eat more nuts while pregnant? Eat less nuts while breastfeeding? Well no one knows the answer to that but it is speculated that our overuse of antibacterial products isn’t helping matters. We are living in too sterile of a world and using too harsh of chemicals to kill everyday bacteria that we don’t really need to kill to begin with. Same with overuse of antibiotics, but that has nothing to do with my “recipe” today so I won’t get into that. In an attempt to find a more green, healthy, and cheaper kitchen spray I decided to make it myself. Vinegar is a natural yet powerful disinfectant and when combined with a couple other simple ingredients, makes for an effective kitchen spray. The tea tree oil in it has antibacterial properties.

Kitchen Spray:

2 cups water

2 Tbs white vinegar

2 Tbs lemon juice

1/2 tsp Castile’s Soap

20 drops tea tree oil

Mix all together in an old kitchen spray bottle (again, saving even more $ not having to buy a new bottle).

I ordered the Castile’s soap online, its an all natural soap. I read other places that you can use regular dawn dish soap too but I wanted to go as natural as possible. The tea tree oil can be found in Walmart by the vitamins.

Just spray as you would normal kitchen spray, and wipe dry. If you have a raw chicken spot or some other spot needing disinfecting, just let it sit for a minute or two before wiping dry.

If you need extra power, sprinkle some baking soda on the surface first, then spray. The instant combining of baking soda and vinegar will help remove tough stuck on grime. But you cant premix the baking soda in or else it neutralizes the vinegar in the bottle before you have the chance to use it to clean.