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Momma Jewelry


I asked for something called Chewbeads for Christmas. They are kind of like a teething ring you wear around your neck. I know it sounds gross to have a kid slobber all over your jewelry but its better than her chewing on my nice white gold cross. They also kind of looked like Betty Rubble jewelry according to Dave. So I forgot about them. Well now Cassidy is teething. She chews on everything and she is also very busy and always needs something to do. When I hold her or breastfeed her, she grabs all over my chest and neck. She grabs hunks of skin and scratches leaving me looking like a cat got me. She likes to tug on my nice cross necklace, so much so that she actually broke the clasp from tugging so hard. Chewbeads were my answer. But at 30 bucks a pop and a less than desirable “flinstone” look, I figured I could make my own! With some etsy inspiration I got going during naptime…

For all you Momma’s out there, I figured I’d give you a little tutorial. Although they are pretty cute aside from being functional so anyone could make these, and quickly!

First get some wooden beads (roughly 1/2 inch diameter). I actually took them from an old necklace I had and never wore. You can also get them from a craft store for a buck or two. Then take a piece of fabric about 3 inches wide by 46 inches (the width of fabric off the bolt) long. Fold it in half with the right (front) sides together. Stitch the entire length making a long tube. Turn it right side out. You should now have a long tube with the right side of the fabric showing and the seam hidden on the inside.

Now tie a knot roughly 10 inches from one end. Drop a bead in the long end of the tube.


Tie another knot, right up next to the bead.


Drop another bead, tie another knot. Repeat. I used 7 beads total.


Take the leftover fabric and trim it to 10 inches.


Finish off the edges and sew them together. Make sure it fits over your head before you sew it! If it doesn’t, make the ends a little longer than 10 inches.

Put it on and let baby at it!


Cassidy seems to like it so far!


So here is a close up…


I actually really like how they turned out. They are really cute and I think I am going to make a couple more in some more fun prints. The possibilities are endless and they cost under 5 bucks to make!


These took about 30 minutes to make. Would be great for a homemade gift!