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A Day of Eating Around Here


Baby food pouches seem to be all the rage right now. Both Alyssa, 4, and Cassidy, 18 months, love them. I don’t remember seeing them around 4 years ago when Alyssa was a baby. But with Cassidy, they are the “it” thing. They are incredibly convenient and even come in organic varieties. But I made all of my kids baby food because I didn’t want the additives and preservatives in the premade stuff. If only I could get my homemade baby food into a reusable pouch… Well luckily they make these now and I am going to be doing a giveaway with them soon, so make sure to check back for details!…

Its been a while since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday or Munchkin Meals post. It’s a difficult post for me to write/photograph because I snack SO much. Well not as much snacking as just taking random bites of things. My actual meals and snacks looked like this…

Breakfast: Crockpot steel cut oats with banana,ground flax seed, and homemade peanut butter

Lunch: Loaded sweet potato with leftover chicken, broccoli, peas, melted cheddar, and cottage cheese. Looks like a mess, tastes amazing, probably one of my favorite meals ever!


Snack: banana and peanut butter plus some roasted peanuts and raisins.


Dinner: Chicken, bean, and mushroom stuffed Peppers plus a pile of some extra filling.


Snack: a mug full of freshly homemade skim milk dark chocolate ice cream with frozen cherry chunks (once the kids went to bed).

However, that is not even close to everything that went into my mouth. I ate the skin off a couple of Cassidy’s apples, I took a couple bites of dinner when I prepped it during naptime, a bite of Greek yogurt and a few almonds when packing Dave’s lunch for the next day, etc. It’s a combination of not wanting to waste food (ie apple skin) and the fact that I don’t follow recipes and taste as I go along. Its not like I’m sticking my hand in a chip bag every 10 minutes, so I don’t worry about it.

As always, my kids eat the same things I do. If its not healthy enough for me to eat, then why would I put it in their bodies? And vice versa. Alyssa, who is 4 1/2, ate exactly what I ate all day except she always gets whole milk at breakfast. She is the best eater ever. It makes those couple months of fighting with her nonstop at meal time (around 18 months) totally worth it. Ever since she gave up the fight, she has been an incredibly easy kid to please at the dinner table.

Cassidy, who is now almost 19 months, eats the same as the rest of the family as well. She had a different lunch than me today only because of the way I split up the leftovers we had in our refrigerator.

Breakfast: Crockpot steel cut oats with banana, ground flax seed, and peanut butter. A little whole milk if she’ll drink it.


Lunch: Rice, peas, cheese, and hemp seeds. Side of apple slices.


Dinner: Stuffed Peppers

Snack: the kids got apples

Cassidy also breastfeeds before her nap (which is right after lunch) and before bed.

We seem to follow the 90/10 rule of 90% whole foods. Some days, like today, it was more like 95/5.  Besides our after dinner snack, there was no added sugar today. We did not consume any processed boxed foods either, which is the norm. We are far from perfect though, and there are days where we are more like 80/20 or even 70/30 if we eat a meal out or go to a get together or party. Sometimes I debate trying to give up dessert and repace it with something like yogurt, fruit, etc. Its the perfectionist in me trying to eat 100% healthy (at least at home, parties are fair game and always will be, still have to live life) But the dessert we eat is still homemade and unprocessed and i usually make it low sugar with whole wheat flour so I see our nightly treat sticking around 🙂

Does anyone have their kids on a daily probiotic? I’ve read research about gut health and food allergies (Alyssa is allergic to cashews) and Cassidy has thrown up half a dozen times in the last year, so I feel she could benefit as well. But with probiotics becoming rapidly more popular, companies are putting ones on the market that are less than desirable just to get in on the market and profit. Any suggestions to brands?


My Munchkin’s Meals


Cassidy is now 17 months, and for the most part not a picky eater at all. Meaning, she likes pretty much all foods and will try anything.


However she doesn’t actually like the act of eating. She did not inherit this from me! My husband will come home after working a 12 hour day saying he’s so hungry because he forgot to eat today. Um, what? How do you forget to eat? Its beyond me. Cassidy will eat about half of each meal before declaring she is “all done”. However since she is a skinny little runt, I pretty much always make her finish her food. This is where the art of distraction comes in. Right now, allowing her to buckle and unbuckle her high chair straps as we put bites in her mouth is the magic key.

I know many parents, and pediatricians alike, will say that a kid will eat when they are hungry so don’t force it. I’ve tried this with Cassidy, but she really just doesn’t care to eat much. And being how tiny she is, I feel she needs the extra shove. I only put the amount of food I feel my children need on their plates (taken into account what food groups they’ve had earlier in the day, and if they had a snack recently so I tailor to what I expect their hunger level would be). If I see they are truly stuffed and not hungry, I wont make them finish and if they are starving asking for more, then I will give them it. But for the most part, they eat everything on their plates at each meal.

A day in Cassidy’s eating life…


Breakfast: 1 greek yogurt pancake with blueberry puree for dipping, 1 scrambled egg with sharp cheddar.

Lunch: 3/4 cup plain whole milk yogurt with 1/4 banana mashed in for sweetness. Green pepper slices in hummus and a piece of homemade buttermilk bread.


Dinner: Grilled chicken, cauliflower, baked sweet potato, and brown rice with hemp seeds.

Snack around 7: 1/2 an apple and a piece of cheese

*She also nurses first thing in the morning (but not much) and a decent amount before both nap and bedtime. So 3 times total.

We have not transitioned her to whole milk yet, honestly just because its easier. Alyssa, who is 4, drinks a 10-12 oz glass of milk with breakfast, well chugs it rather, girl loves her milk. Cassidy will just sip it throughout the day and half of it ends up getting thrown out, which pains me! She does take sips and drinks maybe 4 oz of Alyssa’s Organic whole milk some days. I make sure she gets plenty of cheese, yogurt, and calcium rich greens to get her that calcium. I think I am going to drop her morning breastfeeding soon and replace that will a glass of whole milk at breakfast. But I’m not worrying about it too much as long as she is still nursing.

I am in denial about weaning her since that means she is one step farther from being a baby. She is just about potty trained now too and its all going too fast!

Holiday Fun and Fudge


I love the holiday season with all of the attractions and parties for us to go to. Last night we went on a holiday hayride at a place that makes homemade fudge. It was 73 degrees here today so I figured it would be a perfect night to go. It did not disappoint! Nor did the fudge. I couldn’t make up my mind so I sampled peppermint, peanut butter chocolate, red velvet, coconut, birthday cake, Butterfinger, and white chocolate before settling on butterfinger. It was just pure chocolate with a little crushed butterfinger on top. To me fudge is chocolate and simple and this was the simplest of the flavors.


Luckily the rest of my eating for the day made up for my fudge consumption…

Breakfast: Blueberry Greek yogurt pancakes topped with maybe a Tbs of real maple syrup


Snack: half caf coffee with a little peppermint mocha creamer and part of an apple

Lunch: Beans and greens (times 3, they were good!) , plain greek yogurt topped with crushed pineapple

IMG_7684 IMG_7690

Snack: almonds and chopped dates


Dinner: Grilled Chicken and Blue Cheese Sandwich on homemade wheat bun, extra chicken and broccoli stalks on the side. I feel like the broccoli stalks are so big they make the plate look small, but thats a regular sized dinner plate.  or maybe I’m crazy?


Dessert: probably half of a 1/4 lb chunk of fudge including samples. That’s roughly 2 oz of fudge and a HUGE amount of self control…that stuff is good!

My kids ate what I ate for the most part…

Cassidy, who is now 15 months, ate 2 pancakes and 1/2 apple for breakfast, Beans and greens plus a homemade wheat roll for lunch, and for dinner it was the same exact sandwich and veggies as mine but deconstructed. She shared a pear with Alyssa for dessert. She also nurses 3 times a day still.


Alyssa, who is 4, ate 4 blueberry pancakes for breakfast with maybe 1 tsp syrup and a glass of whole milk, beans and greens with a wheat roll for lunch, some almonds and dates with me for a snack while Cassidy napped, and the same chicken sandwich and veggies for dinner. She had half a pear and a bite of fudge for dessert.


I don’t remember the magical age when I started to allow Alyssa to have things like pure maple syrup on her pancakes or fudge for dessert. She still only gets a very small amount, her pancakes arent doused in high fructose corn syrup or anything. When her tsp of syrup is gone, she doesn’t get more and shes ok with that. Shes also ok with only a small bit of fudge because she knows she doesn’t ususally get stuff like that so shes appreciative (usually, she is 4 afterall!). I wanted to say it was closer to age 2. But either way, I think my days of her eating pears while I eat fudge are numbered!

Munchkin Meals; Breakfast Edition


For breakfast I usually go the quick route. Between nursing, pumping, changing diaper, and getting kids downstairs, I am often awake for about 45 minutes before I make breakfast so I am starving! We go for whole grains. fruit, and milk at breakfast time. We try to go carb heavy at breakfast since that’s the best time to have them so you have the rest of the day for your body to burn them. Although honestly, we eat just as many carbs at dinner. What can I say, we love our carbs around here! We used to eat eggs in there occasionally but with Cassidy’s new egg allergy, they are obviously out. We go to the allergist in a few weeks but until then we can’t have anything with eggs at all. That takes out traditional pancakes and waffles too. Anyone have a great egg free pancake and waffle recipe? Please share!

So its milk, whole grain, and fruit around here…

Cassidy’s milk comes in the form of breastmilk. She nurses as soon as she wakes up. And I mean as soon as. I walk into her room greeted by the smiliest baby ever but the second I pick her up she flings herself towards the rocker in her room that I nurse her in. It gets ugly if her diaper is leaking and she has to have a diaper change first. After I nurse her, I change her, pump the other side, get Alyssa, and we all head down for breakfast.

Cassidy’s whole grain is usually either:

-plain cheerios

-rice or wheat puffs


Her fruit is either:

-blueberries (choice as of late since the local organic blueberry farm is in picking season)

-bananas, peaches, apples, pears, or raspberries.


She is really not much of a breakfast eater since she nurses right before breakfast but she is starting to eat more and more. Breastfeeding is starting to be more her snacks and table food is slowly transitioning to her main meals. I guess that’s what happens since she is 11 months now somehow!

Alyssa is starving like me right when she wakes up. For her milk she gets a 10 oz glass of organic 2% or whole milk. She usually drinks this after breakfast because otherwise she won’t eat much. I put her milk in a sippy cup still and she tips it back and chugs it, barely taking a breath until its gone. Girl loves her milk. Lately I have been giving her half breastmilk mixed in her cup. She doesn’t know it. She just thinks its chocolate milk since breastmilk is much sweeter than cows milk. I have roughly 500 ounces in my freezer (and that’s after giving about 300 oz to a friend who couldn’t produce enough) and its going to go bad if I don’t use it faster. Cassidy uses 2 oz every evening with her oatmeal cereal but refuses a bottle and a sippy cup. I pump about 4 oz a day, sometimes more depending on how full I am when I wake up. I know some people may think its weird, and I did a little too before I thought about it.  I know a 3 1/2 year old doesn’t need human breastmilk but she drinks cows breastmilk every morning, why wouldn’t human breastmilk (her own species) be even better for her. I am seriously a cow when it comes to nursing, I have certainly never had a problem producing enough milk!


For Alyssa’s whole grain she has either

-cereal (raisin bran, shredded wheat, multigrain cheerios, brown rice krispies, chex) with cut up fruit on top (blueberries, strawberries, banana, peaches) and a tiny bit of whole milk.

-pancakes (banana, pumpkin, zucchini, or blueberry)

-oatmeal. She LOVES oatmeal, its her favorite.

-homemade whole wheat biscuits and turkey sausage gravy (maybe one a month on the weekends)


Alyssa’s favorite oatmeal:

1/3 cup old fashioned oats

1/3 cup whole milk

1/4 cup water

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 banana

1/2 Tbs flax seeds

1/2 Tbs peanut butter or sunbutter

We mix the oats, milk, water, and cinnamon and microwave for a couple minutes, stirring every 45 seconds so it doesn’t overflow. I mash the banana in and add the flax, peanut butter, and an ice cube to cool it down. She will seriously eat this in under 2 minutes then beg me for some of mine. I don’t add any sugar to her oats, just the sweetness of the bananas. Sometimes we do frozen blueberries instead of the banana too.

I have an empty almond butter jar in my pantry so Alyssa may get lucky and get her oatmeal tomorrow morning.

Does anyone have any good egg free breakfast recipes, casseroles, etc they could share or link up to?