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Coming in February


Weekly meal planning, cooking, working out….all things I havent done since the beginning of June. But for very good reason…

crossed legs

Baby #3 coming in February! (Body on right. Legs pointing left with her left ankle crossed over her right. Arrow pointing to tiny toes.)

I have rough rough first half of my pregnancies and it seems to get worse with each child. I have spent time in the ER for bleeding which put me on bed rest and no working out allowed, I have been to urgent care twice for strep throat, and I have horrible all day sickness/vomiting and frequent migraines. But given all that , I am so excited. But to say I am slightly jealous of those girls who have waves of nausea for a week or two and are able to work out, eat, get off their couch, and live normally during pregnancy would be an understatement.

I am a little over 16 weeks now and we just found out its another little girl! have been able to feel her rolling around for a couple weeks now and just last in the last week I was able to feel my first real kick. I have gained 4-5 lbs (which is 5 lbs more than I gained with either of my first 2 by this stage but oh well). I am totally looking forward to wearing stretchy maternity leggings all winter long. I had my other daughters at the end of summer in the south so I was horribly uncomfortable and hot. Here is my 16 week shot…I know my head is cut off, that’s intentional. I’m looking about like I feel right now, which is not good. My uniform of sweatpants and tshirts doesn’t help matters. No, my sickness does not go away with the first trimester. It faded at 15 weeks with Alyssa, 20 weeks with Cassidy, and to be determined with this one.


So my meal plan all summer has been eat whatever I don’t think will make me throw up. I succeed maybe half the time. Vegetable? Zero chance. Protein? Maybe. Straight carb? Most of the time. There is really just no telling. I will find a meal that sits well so ill eat it again the next day, lose it, and then I cant eat it again. Much like people who can never again drink a liquor that made them get sick. At this point I am literally out of foods to eat. I am struggling. I have even tried foods that I would never dream of putting into my body (mcdonalds, processed cereals, poptarts, mac and cheese from a box). I am now eating bagels from a bagel shop 20 minutes away, and that’s literally about it. Store bought ones don’t work. This leaves my poor husband and kids fending for themselves.

Alyssa told me she “misses seeing real life people”. We have left the house maybe 10 times all summer long. Good thing its been pouring nearly every day though so it makes me feel less guilty for not being at the park, pool, beach, or other normal summer activities. I told her to make a list of all the things she wants to do when I feel better and we will check them all off as soon as I am physically able. She said “oo, burpees”. Not so sure about doing them pregnant, but I guess we can give it a try before my belly gets too big. Its on its way, much faster with the 3rd than my first two!


Hopefully I’ll be back to cooking and working out soon. I’m starting to feel a tad better, some days. Im thinking for the next couple weeks I may be able to muster up some energy to cook some very basic meals. My plan is to try…

spaghetti with meat sauce and frozen mixed vegetables

crockpot chicken and dumplings, side of frozen vegetables

chicken pot pie

mild chili with cornbread

I really hope to start cooking healthy meals again soon. I crave salads and roasted vegetables like I never have before. I would never eat another dessert in my life if I could stomach a veggie right now. And that’s saying a lot coming from me. My head wants veggies SOO bad, but my stomach greatly disagrees. I can’t wait to start creating new recipes again soon too!