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I have a 4 1/2 year old, Alyssa and a 20 month old, Cassidy.

From day 1 Alyssa has been a firecracker. She was a good baby but always very active, spunky, and sassy. She is rough and tough and if she cries, you better go running because something is seriously wrong. She is stubborn, sweet, imagintive, and incredibly smart! We are just about to finish up the homeschooling Kindergarten curriculum and plan on doing lots of reading and extra circular learning activities all summer!

So far Cassidy seems to be my more laid back child. She is more of an observer and will actually sit still for more than 2 seconds. But the older she gets, we are realizing this is not at the cost of a big personality. She is a little ham for sure and is the sweetest, best baby ever. She is just an easy baby. She has a smile and dimples that just melts my heart. She is currently obsessed with singing her ABCs (although not quite in the right order yet!)

The dynamics of the two girls is really fun and Alyssa is truly an amazing big sister. Never jealous and genuinely loves to help with her baby sister!



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