I am an active stay at home mom of two little girls and a marine corps wife. I cook homemade meals for my family everynight of the week as well as many healthy treats! I workout a couple days a week, mostly running, some lifting, and circuit workouts. I hope to share recipes that my family enjoy as well as some workouts and pictures of my sweet babies!

Dec 2011

I do not have a weight loss story, disordered eating past, culinary training, or any other common reason to start a blog.  I grew up being active and have stayed active. I eat healthy the majority of the time, but i know how to let loose and splurge. I workout a couple days a week but if a week goes by and I don’t, then oh well, theres always next week.

I have been a stay at home mom since I had my first baby girl 4 years ago and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so lucky to stay home and raise my babies (4 1/2 and 19 months old) and I love every second of it! Since I do stay home, I have the oppertunity to grocery shop often to keep fresh produce in the house and the ability to cook homemade meals on a daily basis. My kids truly are wonderful eaters. I attribute that to feeding her whole foods since she was in the womb. She has never tasted formula or jarred babyfood (not that it is bad if babies do, whatever works for you and your family!) because as a stay at home mom I am able to breastfeed and make homemade babyfood. I have never made my children a separate kid meal of chicken nuggets or mac n cheese. They eat what my husband and I eat and Alyssa even helps me cook it most nights.

Me and Cassidy

Why I eat the way I do…I eat what I want when I want it. However most of what i want to eat is healthy. Part of this is for vanity reasons, I think anyone would be lying if they said looks had nothing to do with eating healthy and exercising. But a larger part is just to be healthy. Healthy unprocessed foods make me feel better. I want to be a good role model for my daughters. I want them to ask for a banana for an afternoon snack and not a cookie. But I also want them to realize that it is ok to have a cupcake at a birthday party once in a while. We view these things as “special treats” and not a daily must. I think its all about balance.  Although some days I have more balance than others, and thats ok too. Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a fad diet.

How I feed my family: We eat all whole foods, nothing processed. There is nothing in my house with more than 1 ingredient on the label. I make my own breads, pastas, cereals, etc. We do not buy things like chips, wheat thins, tortillas, etc. Thats not to say we don’t eat them, but I just prefer to make them myself so I know whats actually in them. We eat 95% organic I would say. I do what I can, but there are some times where I just pick up bananas when I’m at walmart, and oh well. I don’t think low calorie, low carb, or lowfat is equal to healthy. We try and eat foods that are in the state nature intended them to be. Our meals consist of a variety of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, healthy fats, and a heavy emphasis on vegetables. I don’t beleive in fad diets or eating styles. I think balance is the only thing that will last a lifetime, at least for me. I love the quote “eat food. not too much. Mostly plants” by Michael Pollan.

My Recipes: Honestly I am terrible at following recipes. I mean I can do it, I just don’t. I rarely measure, instead I eyeball. I also taste my meals about 10 times during the cooking process so I can add more spices, ingredients, etc. I roughly follow recipes but a lot of times the same meal will taste a little different depending on how I am feeling that day.  Hopefully by posting recipes on the blog it will force me to measure more and be able to actually write down my own recipes so I can repeat them! There are often days I can’t think of what to cook for dinner. So I can open up my recipe page and think yummm i haven’t had that meal in awhile, and my decision is made!

Special Diet restrictions: We have one major restriction in our house, no cashews. Alyssa is allergic and we have to carry an epi pen. She could technically eat other tree nuts if we cracked them out of the shell ourselves. She is possibly outgrowing her allergy though (possibly becuse of giving her Cassidy’s pumped breastmilk for an immune boost). 7% of kids with her allergy outgow it by adulthood and based on a food challenge she recently did, her allergist thinks she is going to be one of them, and shes only 4! Peanut butter is not a problem though and we eat lots of that. I make a lot of peanut butter and almond butter. My only restriction now is I don’t drink any caffeine or alcohol because I am still breastfeeding Cassidy.

Eating out: Its hard to trust a random waitress or manager when she says my daughter’s food doesnt have nuts. Luckily most restaurants dont have cashews but it is just nerve wracking and honestly the food is just so processed and heavy. So we eat out maybe once or twice a month, which honestly isn’t any different than before we discovered her allergy 2 years ago. I like eating at home better. Its healthier and tastier I think. Its just nice not to have to cook once in a while!

Workouts: I like to workout 3 days a week. Right now, I am happy with 2 days. When I workout I usually run about 3 miles (8:20-8:45 minute miles) with sprinting intervals mixed in there and then lift free weights/plyo exercises/abs afterwards. I prefer shorter, more intense workouts, like circuit workouts, since life with 2 kids doesnt leave me with too much free time.

Calories and Portion Size: I am still breastfeeding Cassidy so my larger portions reflect that. Breastfeeding really takes a toll on my body and requires me to eat a lot. Also, since all of our meals consist of only whole unprocessed foods, they are low in calorie and we are able to eat very large portions.  I eat when I am hungry. But that is with moderate exercise and losing calories throug breastmilk production. So if it seems my portion sizes are large, this is why! I would rather eat a lot of healthy food than smaller amounts of high calorie food (excluding dessert occasionally)!

Me holding Cassidy and my husband Dave holding Alyssa

Any Questions? Email me at LindsayFMF@gmail.com


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    • Is Tobies, La Mirage, and numerous tatoo parlors landmarks in your town? If so, we might live right near each other, haha! The marine corps pilot community seems so small I’m sure we have seen each other or have mutual friends! Fun! It sure is an adventure to say the least!

      • bahaha I used to live right near Tobies! well, by the back gate actually! We lived there for almost a year and now we’re over in New Bern! I’m ALWAYS in J-vegas though so we def should have a lunch date sometime! ❤ A few of my besties live in northern Jax and are all in diff squadrons (i'm so bad with the number game that I dont know which is which! lol!)

        so crazy that we're so close by!

  1. Fun to read more about you! Our daughters sounds a lot alike, we’ve only given her whole foods too and she’s never been picky. I also saw your description of her as spunky and spirited… mine just turned 2, but I can totally relate! 🙂

  2. Linds…my office mate Karen looked at your blog and her first comment?…where did Linds get the pattern for the top of her blog…it looks like the fabric she’d love to sew with!…I agree!

  3. Cute blog! I love how you don’t expose your kids to junk food. When I grew up I had pretty much the same things as the rest of my family. No sugary cereal for breakfast, very little desert, fruits and veggies, healthy grains, and lean protein. Now I don’t even crave these things so what you’re doing is definitely going to help your kids have healthy eating lifestyle once they get older 🙂 Excited to read more of your blog ^^

    • thats great to hear! I struggle sometimes thinking maybe if i never give them those things then they will crave them more when they make their own decisions later on in life, the whole “you want what you cant have” mentality. Great to hear how healthy eating shaped your adult view of food though!

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